Independent - Confidential - Low Cost


TaigaGuardian™ is an independent Compliance, Ethics and Corporate Responsibility hotline service for nonprofit organizations seeking a confidential third-party partner that assures caller confidentiality.


The TaigaGuardian™ service is a reliable, and cost conscientious way for employees and other connected parties to report discrimination, ethics violations, and potential fraud and provide related tips. 

How does TaigaGuardian™ work?

  • We provide a unique toll free      number that is specific to your organization. 

  • In partnership we customize a caller message script that identities your organization, and provides instructions regarding opt out scenarios. 

  • Opt out scenarios are circumstances where we want the caller to hang up, and reach out to a different party. Immediate patient safety and jeopardy, or emergency clinical needs are such examples. 

  • We instruct the caller to provide specific information regarding the reason for call, and if they so choose can provide contact information. 

  • The call transcript is provided to clients within 24 hours. After receipt we suggest clients place this information in their occurrence reporting system. 

  • Expert consultation available for investigation of hotline calls on a per incident basis

Why doesn’t TaigaGuardian™ provide a live operator for callers?

  • Our industry research has indicated that callers are less likely to provide details and facts, and less likely to stay on the line if they must speak directly with a representative. Anonymity is critical.