Taiga Check™ finds Exclusions!

Sanction & Exclusion Testing Serving all 50 States !!!

The Federal Acquisition Streamlining Act of 1994 requires that exclusion from any federal program (for wrongdoing) is an exclusion from all.

Medicare and Medicaid participating providers must ensure that employees, physicians, vendors and affiliated parties are not excluded, debarred or suspended from participation in governmental programs. In New York, the Office of Medicaid Inspector General expects providers to validate monthly that their physicians, employees and vendors are in good standing.

The Taiga Group is pleased to offer Taiga Check™, a customer focused sanctioned and excluded provider testing service offered on a subscription basis. Using Taiga Check™ provides direct status feedback by comparing your records to the Office of Medicaid Inspector General, Office of Inspector General, SAM (Federal System for Award Management), and Office of Foreign Asset Control/SDN lists. The Taiga Check™ system allows each client to securely transmit their file for testing. Using the highest level of security features, including encryption, each provider can safely transmit data for testing and receive results securely.

The verification process entails two steps:

We have developed an easy to use and fully HIPAA compliant and secure process called Taiga Check™ that will perform the first step - searching all applicable State and Federal databases to see if any match your employees and vendors - every month at very reasonable rates. This process results in a list of potential matches via name, provider number, or UPIN. Positive matches at Step One will require additional investigation.

The Taiga Group LLC is pleased to offer, through a valued partnership with Commercial Investigations LLC, of Troy, New York, a perfect solution for that necessary second step that ensures that these "hits" are definitively investigated. You are immediately notified of all potential matches and such matches are safely transmitted to Commercial Investigations LLC for review. All you need to do is upload a file once a month… ....we do the rest!

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