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……..from the innovation leader that brought you Taiga Check™

Operational and Financial Challenges

Everyday business operations create volumes of data. Often this data holds great value, but only if the data is interpreted and converted into valuable information

· Massive volumes of data

· Inability to make business decisions nimbly and effectively

· Disparate and disconnected business application platforms

Value Proposition

· Cost savings

· Operational efficiency

· Revenue Optimization

· Reduce Waste

Taiga Data Solutions™ Core Service Profile

· Pre and Post GoLive Data Validation and Support Services

· ETL client pipeline into Taiga data mart for analytics

  • Validation and review of new data sets
  • Data scrubbing
  • Table analytics
  • Apache web log import and SEO reporting
  • Data sequencing analysis

· Fraud Detection

  • Data comparison and matching
    • Invoice duplicates
    • Purchase Order Variation
    • Check Sequence Gaps
    • Aberrant payment patterns
    • Bulk/timing discount       opportunities
    • Vendor profiling
  • Cross dataset analytics
  • Probabilistic modeling
  • Internal Controls